"Light travels faster than sound, so don't talk sun...just shine."

#25DaysofPoetry Day 2 - Madrugada

Madrugada (A love song)

Madrugada is Spanish & Portuguese for “early morning”


Your skin blooms the color of heaven...

it is where God resides. Wear your wings

proud as the obsidian of your armor. I’d swallow

your halo and let your gospel flow through me.


We communion at the altar of your spine

where my lips kneel for sacrifice. Your

curves are a love song swaying in the

orchestra of my devoted hands. You be Christ


with hips and a southern accent, galactic

power lines hang like thick coiled prayers

from your scalp. But even when you’re rocking

a fade, your head becomes the most gorgeous


wi-fi hotspot unworthy eyes can connect praises to.

You are a shapely portal through time, a divine

reminder of Afrika before the mouth of colonization

ate from your table, and never said Grace.


Before he ate from your fruit and had not

washed his hands. Only broke….bre/d…while you


*Repeat* in one hand, stop the world and teach it


how to revolve properly with the other. I’ve never

seen white flags raised from your backbone

You are womban – when everything else around

you is ground zero – rising like a sweet perfume


or the holiest of songs from this trumpet horizon.

I sample the universe from your ebullient belly:

A harmonious Mantra spins from your craft,

beckoning our kiss to hum the promise of a supernova


of music. Your body is a Grand Piano,

but how this world often wished you silenced…

into thinking woman isn’t enough

– and you aren’t enough woman –


said you were two X chromosomes shy of being

God (though you gave birth to him).

What better way to control the universe,

than by imprisoning the body which gave it


breath. Naked of right, struck nameless

When the Trinity at your fingertips makes wine

from impossible, transmuting pain into loaves

of miracles and love all before sunrise.

by Pages Matam